Atallah Kuttab

photo of Atallah Kuttab

Founder, SAANED for Philanthropy Advisory, Potsdam, Germany, E-mail:, LinkedIn profile of Atallah Kuttab

What are your expectations from participating in this particular study trip to Germany?

To gain better understanding on CF in Europe in terms of cross learning, latest developments in the field, stories from the ground and in the field, and latest practices related to CF and networking with practitioners in this field.

What specific questions related to your work or to CF practice do you ask yourself?

What approach is being followed in supporting CF? What is the balance between assets and needs? How CF in Europe is similar to others around the world? How are they different? How CF evolved over the last twenty years? Any significant change since the beginning of CF establishment?

How may your participation in the CF study trip help advance your organization’s development plans?:

Apply what is being developed in Germany in my settings.

Where do you see european community foundations in 20 years?

Playing a stronger role in the philanthropy sector by engaging a larger segment of society in the support of positive social change.

What are your favourite colour, your favourite meal or your favourite animal?

Blue is my colour. Stuffed Vegetables my favourite food. All baby animals!

Last but not least, your favourite proverb. You can write it down in your mother tongue, but please try to translate the meaning into english:

„Climbing starts when reaching the top“ by Gubran Khalil Gubran – Lebanese writer.