Monika Pisankaneva

photo of Monika Pisankaneva

Philanthropy Development Manager, Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation, Sofia, Bulgaria, LinkedIn profile of Monika Pisankaneva

Your experience with the CFs and your professional relevance to the theme of CFs:

Have been working to disseminate the CF concept in Bulgaria and strengthen the existing CFs since the beginning of 2002. Currently managing the Bulgaria Community Foundations Development Program, funded by Mott Foundation, America for Bulgaria Foundation and the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation.

Key characteristics and information about the CFs and community philanthropy in your country:

  • 10 CFs in total, supported by WCIF, allocated in all country regions;
  • Over 150 projects of grassroots non-profit organizations are funded by CFs per year;
  • Most CFs do not have endowments and those that have are not yet spending the income (just reinvesting);
  • Most CFs are in very good relationship and coordination with local government;
  • 6 CFs have YouthBanks.

Area of your particular interest in the CF development/ CF management/ practice:

  • Learn more about various CF sustainability strategies.
  • Bring expertise in all areas of CF development.