Vera Dakova

photo of vera dakova

Program Officer, C. S. Mott Foundation, London, UK, E-mail:, Web: C. S. Mott Foundation, LinkedIn profile

Your experience with the CFs and your professional relevance to the theme of CFs:

Managing Mott funding for CFs in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) for the past 9 years; managing learning and networking initiative (this one, actually!) in CEE for the past 5 years.

Area of your particular interest in the CF development/ CFmanagement/ practice (please specify if this is a theme where you are interested to learn more, bring your own expertise or both)

I am interested in the overall development of the CF field in Slovakia and in CEE and specifically in the leadership role of CFs in their communities; I also want to see to what extent CFs in Slovakia are perceived as an important and permanent part of the local institutional landscape.