Dorota Komornicka

photo of Dorota Komornicka

Board Chair and CEO, Snow Mountain Community Foundation, Wójtowice, Poland, E-mail:, LinkedIn profile of Dorota Komornicka

What are your expectations from participating in this particular study trip to Germany?

  1. Establish relationships with NGOs in order to co-operate in UE funds application process.
  2. Master efficient fundraising.
  3. As a president of federation I would like Poland to become an official member of European CF Network.

What specific questions related to your work or to CF practice do you ask yourself?

How to cope with burn out syndrome of the leader.

How may your participation in the CF study trip help advance your organization’s development plans?:

Good practices are always useful for us. Within 18 years we have gotten knowledge, but we love to learn from others new methods of work. I am very enthusiastic about study trips, much more than conferences.