The CF Study Trip Project has finished in its current format. There are efforts to prepare a continuation of the peer learning a new format for the next period (2015-2018) through the  the Association of German Foundations in cooperation with the Center for Philanthropy in Bratislava within the framework of the intended project of the European Community Foundation Initiative (ECFI).

There was a meeting in early November in Prague of various CF Associations and CF Support initiatives from the East and West to discuss the intended project in detail.

Preliminary information on the ECFI is available in the document below:

CPresentation of the ECFI at the CF Study Trip in Bratislava, September 19, 2014 by Boris Strecansky

Participants of the CF Study Trip 2014 has also expressed gratitude to Slovak CF hosts for their hospitality and efforts in making the Study Trip a unique and successful event.

Letter to Slovak Host CFs by CF Study Trip Participants, September 29