V4 Conference

Welcome at the page of the Conference “20 Years of Community Foundations in V4 Countries”  that was held in Bratislava, September 19-20 with over 80 participants from Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Turkey, South Africa, U.K and USA .

20 Years of CFs in V4 Conference

20 Years of CFs in V4 Conference

The Conference’s purpose was to celebrate the 20 years’ of community foundations in the Visegrad region. To enrich the perspectives available we asked those community foundation professionals who came to the region at the ‘beginning’ to reflect on questions about their first experiences in the region, achievements that we should be proud of, funny/weird experiences, and global issues/trends that we should be aware of in the upcoming years. Here are the reflections we have received so far:

Letter of the C.S. Mott Foundation President  William S. White to Conference

Reflections of Steven Mayer

Reflections of Dorothy Reynolds

Reflections of Clare Brooks

The participants of the Conference has also sent a letter to the German community foundations that were meeting on their National Congress on September 19-20 in Heilbronn, Germany.

Message of V4 CF Conference Participants to Buergerstiftungskongress 2014

We will be posting on this site summaries of discussion from different sessions and presentations.


Roll-up Conference

Roll-up Conference