Irina Novikova

photo of Irina Novikova

Program manager, CAF Russia, Moscow, Russia, E-mail:

What are your expectations from participating in this particular study trip to Germany?

This trip is a great opportunity for improvement of my professional skills and widening my knowledge about international practices in the field of community philanthropy. It would be particularly interesting to learn the experience of a CF supporting organization in ways of interaction with CFs, how to accumulate recourses for join action.

What specific questions related to your work or to CF practice do you ask yourself?

What are the best tools to measure the social impact of CF? How for CF supporting organization to become a useful working hub for information/knowledge for local foundations?

How may your participation in the CF study trip help advance your organization’s development plans?:

I hope to get a clear view on how to build productive communication and interaction with CFs in the country so that it would be beneficial to everyone.

Where do you see european community foundations in 20 years?

CFs will carry out activities in every town of Europe from rural to urban areas.

What are your favourite colour, your favourite meal or your favourite animal?

My favourite colour is orange – its bright, positive and uplifting.

Last but not least, your favourite proverb. You can write it down in your mother tongue, but please try to translate the meaning into english:

Practice what you preach.