Jan Despiegelaere

photo of Jan Despiegelaere

Program manager, West Flanders Community Foundation, Kortrijk, Belgium, E-mail: despiegelaere.j@kbs-frb.be, LinkedIn profile of Jan Despiegelaere

What are your expectations from participating in this particular study trip to Germany?

To strengthen relations, networks and connections with European colleagues in order to a) be able to work together, share expertise and ideas and b) contribute to build a network of human capital that will feed, support and be the ECFI for the future.

What specific questions related to your work or to CF practice do you ask yourself?

  1. governance model of other CFs
  2. specific projects or good practices that we can learn from
  3. best ‚failures‘
  4. networking and sharing possibilities in a peer-2-peer network

How may your participation in the CF study trip help advance your organization’s development plans?:

We are very eager to learn from other foundations and how they have dealt with some issues, and on the other side we are happy to share our own expertise on several theme‘s, like for example working in close relation with local or regional media.