Photo Gallery – 2017 Study Visit to England & Scotland

Participants of the 2017 CF Study Visit to England & Scotland

Briefing session on the U.K. context and CF development in the U.K. on the 1st day at the Brasenose College, Oxford

Site visit to the RAW Workshop – social enterprise in one of the less developed neighbourhoods of Oxford. The RAW recycles wood for variety of purposes and as a part of this economic activity it provides for a combination of social integration and work-therapy for people with variety of disadvantages as well as community cohesion.

RAW Workshop

RAW Workshop

Oxfordshire CF

Visit to the offices of Oxfordshire CF. Jayne Woodley, the CEO of the CF, presents the ways of working of the foundation.

Getting to the Foundation Scotland in Edinburgh

At the Foundation Scotland, Rachel Searle-Mbullu, Head of Community Investment presents the Foundation Scotland role in the community, its challenges in this process and in practice.

Site visit to one of the grantees of the Foundation Scotland – Fresh Start.

Fresh Start is an Edinburgh based charity helping people who have been homeless get established in their new home. Working in partnership with volunteers and organisations from a broad section of the community, they deliver a range of services that provide the practical and social support that help people resettle successfully.

At the end of the debriefing session of the 2017 CF Study Visit.