Stéphanie Ioan

photo of Stéphanie Ioan

General delegate, Bordeaux Mécènes Solidaires, Bordeaux, France, E-mail:, LinkedIn profile of Stéphanie Ioan

What are your expectations from participating in this particular study trip to Germany?

I want to meet CFs to discuss about our practices and share experiences: including governance, territory animation, project financing process, mobilization of private resources, and measurement of local impact.
I also hope to participate in and influence the development of the European CFs with professional and passionate actors.

What specific questions related to your work or to CF practice do you ask yourself?

Who are your stakeholders and what are their different implications in your CF?
How are decided and implemented your priority programs?
How do you approach the question of the impact measurement?
What are your future developments?

How may your participation in the CF study trip help advance your organization’s development plans?:

We are each a little isolated in our CFs, and we need to come together, share experiences and bring a shared vision. In France, CFF helps us for it with the „Circle of Community Foundations“ but we do inspire EU-wide very positively.
On our return, we shall be rich these exchanges, stakeholders of the network of European CFs. We may write articles and organize a local conference on the teachings of the Study Trip to advance with us our partners: founding local governments but also businesses, institutions and associations.

Where do you see european community foundations in 20 years?

I believe European CFs will grow to take a place of reference on their territories. They will coordinate projects of general interest with the citizens, local authorities and firms. They will share their expertise with all the stakeholders and the other CFs of Europe.

What are your favourite colour, your favourite meal or your favourite animal?

Colour: green
Meal: avocado, chicken curry, cheese, mango salad…
Animal: cats

Last but not least, your favourite proverb. You can write it down in your mother tongue, but please try to translate the meaning into english:

Be the change you want in the world (Gandhi)