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Welcome to the www.cfpracticelab.org  – the space for the community of CF learners, practitioners and researchers that participated in the CF Study Trip Project, or in the learning events of the European Community Foundation Initiative (ECFI).

If you want to use the resources offered on this site (materials from the study trip, reflection papers or other resources)  please register to the site as it is a non-public space and we want to keep it so for the time being. By signing-in, you get the full access to all resources at the site.

You can find here various resources on community foundations in Central and Eastern Europe related to the series  Study Trips to Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia during 2010 – 2014 held as a part of the C.S.Mott Foundation community foundation learning initiative and also Germany, (and soon) England and Scotland as a part of the ECFI (European Community Foundation Initiative).

You can use the blogging platform to post your opinions, views, and ideas relevant to the community foundation practice. The site allows us, the CF practitioners and CF support organizations to share news about relevant events in the field. More information about members registered to this site (their backgrounds and interests) can be found in the Members section.

For more information about this site contact  Boris Strečanský, Center for Philanthropy/ECFI, boris@communityfoundations.eu

Some members of the CF learning community are in the picture above (CF Study Visit to Slovakia, 2014)

VERA DAKOVA, Program Officer, C. S. Mott Foundation, London, UK, E-mail: vdakova@mott.org, Web: C. S. Mott Foundation
DEJAN PERIC, Executive director, :Step Forward CF, Zajecar, Serbia, dejan.peric@fondacijaiskorak.rs, www.fondacijaiskorak.rs
ALINA PORUMB, Community Foundations Program Director, Association for Community Relations (ARC), Cluj Napoca, Romania
ANASTASIIA POPSUI, Director, Community Foundation of Irpin Region, Irpin, Ukraine, irpin.community@gmail.com, www.irpin-fd.org.ua
ANETA KAPEL, Program coordinator, Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland, Warsaw, Poland
BEATA HIRT, Current position: director, Healthy City Community Foundation, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, bhirt@knzm.sk
BORIS STREČANSKÝ, Senior Expert, Center for Philanthropy, Bratislava, Slovakia, strecansky@changenet.sk, www.cpf.sk
BRANKA KASELJ, director, Community Foundation Slagalica, Osijek, Croatia, www.zaklada-slagalica.hr
DRAGO VRUČINIĆ, Director, Foundation ZAMAH, Zagreb, Croatia, zamah@zamah.hr, www.zamah.hr
HARALAN ALEXANDROV, researcher, lecturer, consultant, New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria
IDA ADOLFOVÁ, Financial and Program Manager, Komunitná nadácia Zdravé mesto, Slovakia, adolfova@knzm.sk, www.knzm.sk
IRENA GADAJ, president of Board Bilgoraj Community Foundation + Federation of Polish CFs, Bilgoraj, Poland, irena@lbl.pl, www.flzb.lbl.pl, www.ffl.org.pl
ISMET SOKOLJANIN, Grant Program Coordinator, Tuzla Community Foundation, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, www.fondacijatz.org, ismet@fondacijatz.org
IWONA OLKOWICZ, Program Coordinator, Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland, Warsaw, Poland, iwonao@filantropia.org.pl
JOZEF JARINA, executive director, Bardejov Community Foundation, Bardejov, Slovakia, knbj@bardejov.sk, www.knbj.sk
JIRI BARTA, Executive Director, Nadace VIA, Prague, Czech Republic, www.nadacevia.cz
JULIA SZANTON, Consultant, Oberhoffen-les-Wissembourg, France, juliaszanton@yahoo.com
MACIEJ MULAWA, Director of office, Federation of Community, Fundations in Poland, Biłgoraj, Poland, ffl@ffl.org.pl
MIHAELA GIURGIU, Community Foundations, Program Coordinator, Association for Community Relations (ARC), Cluj Napoca, Romania
MONIKA PISANKANEVA, Philanthropy Development Manager, Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation, Sofia, Bulgaria
NICK DEYCHAKIWSKY, Program Officer, C. S. Mott Foundation, Flint, USA, nick@mott.org
OKSANA RUDA, program Director, ISAR Ednannia, Kyiv, Ukraine, ruda@isar.net.ua
ÖZNUR AKKAYA, Secretary General, Bolu Community Foundation, BOLU, Türkiye, o.akkaya@bbv.org.tr, www.bbv.org.tr
SHAUN SAMUELS, Managing Director, Technical Support and Dialogue Platform (TSDP), Johannesburg, South Africa, shaun.samuel@iafrica.com, tsdp.co.za
SIMONA CRISTINA ȘERBAN, Executive Director; President of the Board of Directors, Cluj Community Foundation; Romanian Federation of Community Foundations, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, simona.serban@fundatiacomunitaracluj.ro, www.fundatiacomunitaracluj.ro, www.ffcr.ro
SVITLANA SUPRUN, consultant, Mott Foundation, Kyiv, Ukraine, suprun.svitlana@gmail.com
SCSAURSZKI TAMÁS, member, Civitalis Association, Budapest, Hungary, scsaurszki.tamas@gmail.com
TOMAS KREJCI, Executive Director, Usti Community Foundation, Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic, tomas@komunitninadace.cz
VADIM SAMORODOV, Program Director, the Ladoga Foundation, Moscow, Russia, www.fondladoga.ru, vsamorodov@fondladoga.ru
VALENTIN BORISOV, Chairman of the board, Community Fund Ruse foundation, Ruse, Bulgaria, valentin.borisov@cfruse.org, www.cfruse.org
CIPRIAN CIOCAN, Sibiu Community Foundation, Sibiu, Romania, ciprian.ciocan@fundatiacomunitarasibiu.ro, www.fundatiacomunitarasibiu.ro
ILIA MIHOV, Burgas Community Foundation, Burgas, Bulgaria, ilia_mihov@yahoo.co.uk
JURAJ MESIK, Healthy City Community Foundation, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, mesik@changenet.sk
AYSEGUL EKMEKCI, Project Specialist, Third Sector Foundation of Turkey, Turkey, aysegul@tusev.org.tr
VASYL BILUSCHAK, Community Foundation of Dolyna, Ukraine, E-mail: communityfundofdolyna@gmail.com
VIACHESLAV BAKHMIN, Mott Foundation, Russia, E-mail: vbakhmin@yandex.ru
JUDIT FLEISCHER, CF Ferencvaros/Hungarian CF movem., Hungary, E-mail: frocsi@gmail.com

vera dejan alina anastasiija aneta beata boris branka drago haralan ida irena ismet iwona jozef jiri julia maciej mihaela monika nick oksana oznur shaun simona svitlana scsaurszki tomas vadim valentin ciprian ilia juraj aysegul vasyl viacheslav judit

For more information on the cfpracticelab.org contact Boris Strečanský, Center for Philanthropy



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