First National Conference of Community Foundations in Hungary

by Boris Strečanský

The National CF Support Program Közös Alapon organizes the First National Conference of CFs in Hungary on March 18-19, 2016 in Budapest. The conference will provide space for presentations of community foundation practitioners from Hungary and Slovakia as well as for discussing perspectives on the social environment, situation and opportunities of civil initiatives in Hungary today provided by leading social development and research professionals. More information on the Conference can be retrieved here.


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One thought on “First National Conference of Community Foundations in Hungary

  1. Boris Strečanský Post author

    Dear All,

    We are all getting ready for the conference in Budapest. 

    You can follow the Friday sessions via the the following stream: 

    You will see four interesting presentations on state of communities, local civil society and public trust in Hungary as well as an update on where we are with building community foundations. 

    Join us if you can!


    Best wishes, Tamás


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