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The CF Practice Lab web site has opened its blogging functionality. It allows anybody, who is signed in to the website (has a login and password) to post blogs and attachments or to post comments to blogs. This means that all registered users of the website now have another role – that of contributor!

Th fastest way to post your contributions as blogs is to enter the the website by clicking on this address: http://cfpracticelab.org/wp-login.php.

The purpose of the blogging platform is to share a space where members of the CF Study Trip community (2010-2014 CF Study Trips to Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia) and participants of the CF conference in Bratislava in September 2014 can exchange their views and thoughts relevant to community foundation practice.

At the moment the core membership of this group is from the CEE countries. However, it is expected that with the start of other initiatives in the field of CF peer learning, as envisaged within the initiative of the Association of German Foundations and the Center for Philanthropy (in preparation) and by other actors, the community using this site will expand and include more CF practitioners from Western Europe and beyond so that it offers evermore rich and diverse experiences for our mutual learning.

The blogging space is reserved for members of this community of CF practitioners – staff, board members, volunteers, or donors, anybody who is involved in CF practice and is interested in sharing his/her views on it. (and is registered to the site :-).

A still-open question is whether and when the blogging platform might be made public. For now, we (the current organizers of the CF Practice Lab) have decided to limit access to registered users.

All contributions made to the blog are pending until approved by the site administrator – who at the moment is me (Boris Strečanský). Please be patient with the approval; it shall be made typically within 48 hours.

In case you need additional support on how to use the blogging platform, our technical webmaster Peter Teplicky, who developed the site, has prepared a manual which can help you get orientated in the use of the blogging platform.

I hope this new functionality will be useful in sharing and building knowledge and increasing the interaction within the community of CF practitioners.

Please write me with any comments or thoughts on possible improvements, or post a blog contribution!

Boris Strečanský





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