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The Resilience Laboratory

Come to Bucharest and join your colleagues from community foundations in Romania and Europe to explore what resilience means to our work and us.

With the ambition to collectively explore existing practices and approaches of community foundations in Europe that strengthen the resilience of communities and the capacity for dialogue, the Association for Community Relations (ARC) and ECFI (European Community Foundation Initiative) are preparing a two day peer learning event “Resilience Laboratory” on 19-20 April in Bucharest. Its purpose is to strengthen the capacity of community foundations to understand and address broader issues and better define the idea of community leadership in European context. (click on the picture on the left for more info).


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Community Foundations in Europe

Dear friends,

here is a short  movie on CFs in Europe which is based on my presentation at the pre-conference session of the UK Community Foundations Conference in Belfast on September 23, 2015. It is an overview of my thoughts that I prepared to share with partly international and partly UK audience to open a session on CFs in Europe. It is a brief presentation due to lack of synthetic information on CFs in Europe which is contrast to more information and data when looking at particular countries or sub-regions.