The Resilience Laboratory

Come to Bucharest and join your colleagues from community foundations in Romania and Europe to explore what resilience means to our work and us.

With the ambition to collectively explore existing practices and approaches of community foundations in Europe that strengthen the resilience of communities and the capacity for dialogue, the Association for Community Relations (ARC) and ECFI (European Community Foundation Initiative) are preparing a two day peer learning event “Resilience Laboratory” on 19-20 April in Bucharest. Its purpose is to strengthen the capacity of community foundations to understand and address broader issues and better define the idea of community leadership in European context. (click on the picture on the left for more info).


The event is open for limited number of participants (16) from the Romania (8) and Europe (8) and will also host 4-5 resource persons from Europe with various expertise related to the topic.

For ensuring the participation, interested CF practitioners are expected to write a short essay (one page maximum) about how they have experienced resilience, at a personal level or in their work with the community. The application form for expressing interest to participate is now available.

Join here

The organizers will cover the cost of the accommodation (2 nights), meals and venue including the organizing costs. We invite participants to explore possibilities to participate in the costs by covering their own travel costs (airfare), but are also prepared to cover this should it be a barrier to participation.

If you are interested in joining the meeting please fill-in this form by 26 March, confirming your preliminary interest and provide input. We will review all responses and will come back to you with a confirmation by 30 March. Please be aware that the number of places is limited.

Resilience & Dialogue meeting is part of series of events that will explore the concept of resilience, starting from the personal level (how can people become more resilient human beings) to the organizational level and then to the community level – how communities can create space for innovation and progress, how they can anticipate negative trends and events, and how they can develop inner ability to reinvent themselves. The Bucharest meeting will be the first in a series of events dedicated to the theme of resilience. The events will focus on sharing experiences and creating space for testing innovative approaches.


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