On this page we will gradually publish reflection papers written by some of the participants of the CF Study Trip Slovakia 2014. Besides the participation in the Study Trip, these papers form a basis of a conversation or multiple conversations that may emerge out of them among the Study Trip participants, hosts and other CF or CF Support practitioners. They are in English and Slovak languages.

Reflections Tamas Scsaurszki

Reflections Aneta Kapel

Reflections_Hari Alexandrov

Reflections Vadim Samorodov

Reflections Jiri Barta

Reflection Tomas_Krejci

reflexie_Tamas_Scsaurszki_SK (Slovak language version)

Reflection Hari Alexandrov_SK (Slovak language version)

Reflection_Aneta_Kapel_SK (Slovak language version)

Reflection_Tomas_Krejci_SK (Slovak language version)

Reflection Vadim_Samorodov (Slovak language version)